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You’ll probably have a few questions about the service we provide so we’ve highlighted some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or would simply prefer to talk to someone in person feel free to call as we’re always very happy to help.

Do you have all the legal requirements that my venue are requesting?

Yes! We carry public liability insurance cover up to 10 million pounds, our equipment is PAT tested every 12 months and we have a Pro-Dub License from PRS. (Documents available on request)

Can we choose the music?

Yes! as a client you'll receive access to our online planner so you and even your guests (if you wish) can choose favourite songs for the evening.

Will the DJ talk?

Yes! but not all of the time, we look after the formal parts of the evening and occasionally invite requests but we believe in giving the music priority while you enjoy the party.
All of our DJs have professional voices and so when they do speak you'll actually hear what they say! (a big complaint of your normal 'mobile disco' type company is the DJ talking too much and not being able to understand them)

Will you travel outside of the East Midlands?

Yes! we regularly work in London and the West Midlands and are happy to travel, if there are any additional fee's involved we'll always quote in advance.

What types of venue are difficult for installation?

No venue has beaten us yet! but any venue that doesn't have lift facilities for upper floor levels or drive-up access for marquees can be a problem although we can provide more portable systems if access is limited. Our mood lighting cannot normally be installed into a Marquee because of limited power outlets, we will however make sure that the lighting we use for the dance floor does not disappoint.

Do refreshments need to be provided?

Whilst we appreciate the offer of refreshments it's your party and the food and drink is for you and your guests.

We have a band as well, is that ok?

Yes! we often work with bands and solo artists, we like to contact them in advance of 'your doo' when possible to discuss the technical side of things and obtain their set list so we don't play the songs that they're going to perform live.

Are your speakers loud?

Yes! if required, but that doesn't mean we will hurt your ears! we always play at a sensible level and take into consideration your guests and where they are sat. Many venues have sound limiters to prevent other guests in the venue or close-by neighbours being disturbed by noise. We work with these systems often and adjust our systems accordingly.

What type of equipment is used?

We have a large stock of lighting and HK sound equipment and we choose the best tools for the job. With sound we'll choose a system that works best with the venue’s size, shape and ceiling height. Our lighting is positioned for the best effect, we don't have large overhead bars full of lights as this tends to look un-sightly and is more for convenience rather than effectiveness.

Are you an agency?

No! Many companies who claim to be able to cover a number of events in an evening are actually just agencies who sub-contract your party to other DJ companies, the problem is you never really know what you'll get! We're different in that we own all of the equipment, we take care of the setting up and we only use our carefully selected professional DJs. With yourdooz you know exactly what you are getting which is very important to us.

Are you part of a professional network?

Yes! We are members of Equity who are a professional body respected throughout TV, Radio and the Entertainment industry. Be aware of organisations that appear to offer an 'official accreditation' as there isn't any such thing in our service sector, these are just normal profit making businesses and not official bodies.